Admission Procedure - Interested families are encouraged to schedule an observation appointment during which they will receive a tour of the facility and written information about the program.  We then encourage you to schedule a visit day for your child.  This gives the teachers a chance to observe the student, and the student to get a feel for the teacher and classroom.

Once we all agree that this is the right place for you and your child(ren), the following paperwork needs to be completed:

    • Admission Agreement admission.doc
    • Emergency Information Card
    • Pre-Admission Health History LIC702.pdf
    • Parent's Rights LIC995.pdf
    • Personal Rights LIC613A.pdf
    • Consent for Medical Treatment LIC627.pdf
    • ID and Emergency Information lic700.pdf
    • Physician's Report (This form must be completed by your child's physician.  We must receive this form no later than 30 days after your child begins at Bridge Point Academy) LIC701.pdf
    • Acknowledgement of Receipt of Parent Handbook and Termination of Care Guidelines Term_of_care.doc
    • A copy of child's immunization record (must be current with immunizations)

Once we receive all the paperwork and the registration fee, your child is set to begin at Bridge Point Academy.



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