Letter From the Executive Director

Welcome to Bridge Point Academy.  This website provides specific information about our faculty, students, curriculum, programs and the entire admission process.   It also describes who we are, how we are organized and the way we operate.   Most importantly, it clarifies our philosophy and the values on which we are based.   Further, we believe that as you view this information, come to visit our campuses and talk with the teachers, our philosophy and mission will become clear.

At the very heart of our mission is an overriding desire to inspire students to have fun while learning to strive for excellence and to appreciate the diversity that exists in our world today.  A private school, like Bridge Point Academy, works to help our students become both life-long learners and individuals who will make a positive difference in the 21st century.

Again, we thank your for your interest in Bridge Point Academy.   We invite you to visit us and to see our schools as they are today.


Chiki Fleischman-Frazier, Executive Director 





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